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The Prison In Twelve Landscapes: An interview with Brett Story

November 21, 2016

Kiva Reardon interviews Brett Story on her newest documentary, The Prison in 12 Landscapes.

Festival Diary: The 19th R.I.D.M.

November 18, 2016

Guest contributor Adam Cook outlines his experience with Montreal’s RIDM documentary festival.

Infernal Affairs: Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer on Into the Inferno

October 28, 2016

José Teodoro interviews Clive Oppenheimer and Werner Herzog on their new documentary, Into the Inferno.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul at TIFF

October 25, 2016

Adam Nayman looks at one of Fassbinder’s greatest — and most frequently programmed — works.

Seeing the Future//Present

October 4, 2016

Kiva Reardon interviews Adam Cook, critic and programmer behind VIFF’s Future//Present programme.

25 Years of Highway 61

September 28, 2016

Tina Hassannia revisits Bruce McDonald’s love of road movies.

Visceral Horror and National Identity: Interview with Alexandra West

September 21, 2016

Adam Nayman chats with Alexandra West on her new book about New French Extremity.

Moonlighting as a Lover: 25 years of Nuit et jour

August 28, 2016

TIna Hassannia reflects on the 25th anniversary of Chantal Akerman’s Night and Day.

Hooligan Sparrow Takes Flight

August 26, 2016

Alice Shih looks at the ballsy story behind Hooligan Sparrow.

#PutDownThePhone, Take Down The Ad: Systemic Ableism in the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Button-Pressing PSA

August 17, 2016

Angelo Muredda covers systemic ableism in recent popular culture — and PSAs from the Ontario Government.