TFCA Sundance Reactions: Round 2

January 30, 2021

Ben Wheatley’s In the Earth | Sundance

Days two and three of the Sundance Film Festival see the TFCA members somewhat scattered. From another disappointing Ben Wheatley movie to a COVID-era film that’s the talk of the Twittersphere (despite being shot pre-COVID), the festival has no shortage of movies to provoke our members–and no will doubt provide further debate when more Torontonians see them.


Here are some TFCA member reactions to the films of Sundance days two and three.

On the heels of the acclaimed Flee, Cryptozoo reminds us that not all animated films are kids’ movies.

On Human Factors or, let’s hear it for the pet rat!

The “Disturbing Sundance Films” are back!

-Festival favourite Ben Wheatley might have to surrender his “favourite” status after following Rebecca with this poorly received Park City debut, but he heralded the return of another festival staple: odd, disquieting indies.

On the Count of Three – The closest we get to CanCon?

There aren’t many Canadian films at this year’s festival, but Sundance wasn’t 100%  CanCon free thanks to this Ottawa-shot dramedy that featured supporting turns from Giant Tiger and a strip club outside the National Capital.


One of the most hotly-buzzed films at this year’s festival is one for “these trying times.”

So many documentaries!

Son of Monarchs

Strawberry Mansion

It seems that Son of Monarchs and Wild Indian have potential, but don’t meet their potential.

So many documentaries!