Stella Artois Jay Scott Emerging Artist Award

Ariane Louis-Seize | Photo by Vivien Gaumand

Jay Scott (1949-1993) became one of Canada most esteemed film critics through his work at outlets like The Globe and Mail. Scott helped put Canadian cinema on the map. Voted by members of the TFCA, the Stella Artois Jay Scott Emerging Artist Award is given to an emerging talent and considers their body of work.

The Jay Scott Prize recognizes an emerging Canadian talent who is positively affecting the direction of Canadian cinema. This includes, but is not limited to, significant contributions from directors, actors, writers, producers, etc., but they must be involved in the making of films (shorts or features) on some level.

The winner of the Stella Artois Jay Scott Prize for An Emerging Artist at the 27th annual TFCA Awards is Ariane Louis-Seize, director of films such as Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person, Comme une comète, and Little Waves. This year’s award carries a $10,000 cash purse courtesy of Stella Artois.


Previous winners

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