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Sleeping with the Enemy: Gone Girl and the challenge of movies about marriage and murder

October 2, 2014

Jason Anderson dissects the wreckage that results when two people who’ve pledged to love and care for one another instead come to feel very differently about the person on the other side of the bed.

In a Future Canada: Sizing Up Canada’s Oscar Hopeful Mommy

September 25, 2014

Angelo Muredda writes about Xavier Dolan’s “Mommy” and how it reflects against recent Canadian Oscar contenders.

FIPRESCI Diary: Toronto International Film Festival, part two

September 19, 2014

Thom Ernst recounts the experience of being a member of the FIPRESCI jury at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Platforms for Performance: A Conversation with Matías Piñeiro

September 10, 2014

José Teodoro chats with filmmaker Matías Piñeiro.

What’s old is new: TIFF’s “retro” Cinematheque programme

September 9, 2014

Adam Nayman discusses the current state of TIFF’s Cinematheque program.

FIPRESCI Diary: Toronto International Film Festival

September 8, 2014

Thom Ernst details the initial experience as a member of the TIFF FIPRESCI jury.

What makes a Master?

September 6, 2014

Of all the programs at the Toronto International Film Festival, Masters is at once the most rarified and the most difficult to define, Adam Nayman writes.

Why Can’t Every Day Be Bill Murray Day?

September 5, 2014

Phil Brown expresses his fondness for the man TIFF created a day for.

FIPRESCI Diary: Festival des Films du Monde, part two

September 4, 2014

Jake Howell sums up his experience at the Festival des Films du Monde.


Members of the Toronto Film Critics Association pick the films they’re most looking forward to at TIFF this year. The rules? There were no rules. Jason Anderson A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Roy Andersson): Every six or seven years, Andersson returns with a film that somehow gathers together all the misery […]