TFCA Friday: Week of January 31st, 2020

January 31, 2020

Welcome to TFCA Friday, a weekly round-up of film reviews and articles by TFCA critics.

Opening this Week

Gretel & Hansel (dir. Osgood Perkins)

Still feels twice as long as it needs to be – but Lillis and Krige are great together, and Perkins rouses himself to deliver a striking finale. Who would have thought there was life left in this premise?” — Norm Wilner, NOW Magazine

An odd, dark little film that loses its way after it leaves the woods” — Jim Slotek, Original-Cin

There’s no winking or cleverness in this movie; merely low-grade scares along the way to a tidy and neat ending” — Chris Knight, The National Post

Stands out as a solid horror movie with its carefully created atmosphere” — Gilbert Seah, Afro Toronto

Man Proposes, God Disposes (dir. Daniel Leo) 🇨🇦

A modestly poignant story and some memorable images wrapped in a mood of subdued fatalism” — Liam Lacey, Original-Cin

An impressive look at where one’s life can lead” — Gilbert Seah, Afro Toronto

Rabid (dir. The Soska Sisters) 🇨🇦

The Soskas seem more interested in Grand Guignol imagery than cohesion, and eventually their [film] abandons itself entirely to pure gross-out spectacle. Which is fine for the gorehound crowd – and the reliance on practical effects is impressive as well as admirable – but it sells out both the movie’s premise and the actors trapped within it” — Norm Wilner, NOW Magazine

A suitable entry into the science-fiction/horror genre that occasionally slants towards the promise of offering something more” — Thom Ernst, Original-Cin

Walks a fine line between drama and camp. I was rolling my eyes at a hospital scene that featured a Halloween-grade nurse’s uniform and acting to match, until I realized that it wasn’t trying to take itself seriously” — Chris Knight, The National Post