Emerging Critic Award – 2020

The Toronto Film Critics Association is an industry group. It is also an advocacy group concerned with the health of the critical industry. We recognize that even within the evolving media landscape, with its increased opportunities for criticism, there are institutional barriers to access and success, especially for underrepresented voices. We want to create a framework of support for aspiring film critics. The TFCA Emerging Critic Award is explicitly to help develop and promote the work of emerging film critics. With this new annual fellowship the TFCA hopes to help identify, cultivate and encourage a promising new voice by offering both a spotlight as well as financial and career support for the calendar year as they seek to establishing themselves in the critical field.

Over the course of the winning year duration, the emerging critic will receive:

  • Invitation to, and on-stage recognition at, the annual TFCA Awards Gala in January 2020
  • Designation as “TFCA Emerging Film Critic of 2020”
  • A $1,000 cash prize
  • A profile on the TFCA website for the duration of the year
  • The opportunity to contribute paid feature(s) for the TFCA website (written, podcast or broadcast medium)
  • Active mentorship and advice from members, with help in identifying reviewing/critical opportunities, advice on drafts as well as general strategy and career development
  • The opportunity to cover TIFF as an accredited member of the press on behalf of the TFCA website

To apply for the TFCA Emerging Critic Award, writers/broadcasters must submit any feature-length criticism of a film or film performance written/broadcast in that calendar year. The deadline is Monday December 2, 2019 at 5:00p.m. EST .


Applicants must be residents of Ontario and 18 years or older but are otherwise not restricted by age. To be eligible, an emerging writer/broadcasters must not be a working professional critic and may have no more than a few articles or clips in a professional media outlet. Candidates are not disqualified for having written or broadcast on personal blogs, amateur or student publications. One self-nominating submission is allowed per person, through TFCA website portal.

The fellowship is open to all new voices who demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to engaging in critical conversation about film, but the TFCA Emerging Critic Award especially hopes to encourage the development of emerging voices that are underrepresented in the larger field.

The TFCA is committed to reflecting the diversity of new and emerging critical voices. Eligible candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Applications are now closed.

The TFCA Emerging Critic for 2020 will be announced at the annual TFCA Gala on Thursday, January 9, 2020.