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Werewolves (and Witches and Elephant Men) of London: British Gothic Cinema at TIFF

October 22, 2015

Just in time for Halloween, Adam Nayman writes about TIFF’s “Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film” series.

Ice is Nice: 2015 Reykjavik International Film Festival

October 14, 2015

Jason Gorber reports from the 2015 Reykjavik International Film Festival.

The President Makes A Movie: An Interview With Brian D. Johnson

September 9, 2015

Norm Wilner interviews Brian D. Johnson, TFCA President, on Johnson’s debut documentary Al Purdy Was Here.

Auteurs de Force: Sam Peckinpah and Michael Cimino at Locarno 68

August 17, 2015

Locarno 68’s retrospectives on Sam Peckinpah and Michael Cimino has Adam Nayman looking back.

Fantasia 2015: Like Summer Camp, But For Cinephiles

August 13, 2015

Back from Montreal, Jason Gorber chats about the highlights at this year’s Fantasia Fest.

Locarno 68: The Kids Are Alright

August 12, 2015

Adam Nayman reflects on being a Critics’ Academy mentor at the 68th Locarno Film Festival.

MDFF Presents: Programming the Unprogrammed

July 2, 2015

Adam Nayman spoke with the curators of MDFF Presents, a monthly programme that highlights some great films previously undistributed in Toronto.

The Conversation of Cinema: Champions and Critics

June 11, 2015

As Jason Gorber writes, critics may not be awarding any Palme d’Ors, but they can champion a film until it reaches a similar status.

Festival Diary: the 68th Cannes Film Festival

May 23, 2015

Jake Howell writes from the 68th Cannes Film Festival, where critical reactions have been all over the place.

Jury Road: Joel and Ethan Coen

May 14, 2015

Adam Nayman writes on one of cinema’s most curious responsibilities: presiding over a Cannes jury.