Where to Watch the TFCA Rogers Best Canadian Film Award Winners

April 21, 2021

Woman at dining room table with camera - scene from Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell
Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell won the Rogers Best Canadian Film Award for 2012.

Need some advice for National Canadian Film Day viewing? Take our members’ collective picks by streaming the winners for the Rogers Best Canadian Film Award. Nearly all the winners are available to stream. In many cases, Canucks can enjoy them freely through CBC Gem and the NFB, or through the Toronto Public Library via Hoopla and Kanopy. Others are available on subscription services like Crave and Criterion Channel. Some films might require the price of admission, like our most recent winner Anne at 13,000 ft, which offers a chance to support your local cinema.


Here is where you may find all the Rogers Best Canadian Film Award winners. All films are also available on VOD and DVD unless noted otherwise.


2020: Anne at 13,000 ftTIFF virtual cinema | Revue Cinema


2019: The Body Remembers When the World Broke OpenCBC Gem


2018: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch Hoopla


2017: WerewolfCBC Gem | Kanopy


2016: The Stairs Kanopy


2015: The Forbidden RoomHoopla | Criterion Channel


2014: Enemy – CBC Gem | Crave | Hoopla


2013: Watermark – CBC Gem | Hoopla


2012: Stories We Tell NFB | Hoopla


2011: Monsieur Lazhar – CBC Gem | Kanopy | Hoopla


2010: Incendies CBC Gem | Kanopy | Hoopla


2009: Polytechnique – DVD and VOD only


2008: My Winnipeg Criterion Channel


2007: Away From HerCBC Gem | Hoopla


2006: Manufactured LandscapesCBC Gem


2005: A History of Violence – Hoopla | Prime Super Channel


2004: The Triplets of Belleville CBC Gem | Amazon Prime Starz


2003: Spider Kanopy


2002: Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner CBC Gem


2001: Last Wedding – DVD only


2000: waydowntown Encore+


1999: Set Me Free – DVD only


1998: Last Night CBC Gem | Encore+ | Amazon Prime | Crave


1997: The Sweet Hereafter CBC Gem | Kanopy


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